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welcome to images through a lens

photographs by mark crocker

I have been passionate about taking photographs since the year 2000 after honeymooning in Australia. My passion has taken me to places such as Tuscany in Italy, Cuba, Morocco and Santorini. Galleries from recent trips have now been added to the site and these include Scotland, Dorset, North Cornwall and Santorini.

In 2006 I finally took the plunge and replaced my trusty Minolta gear with Canon. I am now shooting almost exclusively with a Canon 5D mkII digital body with occassional use of the Hassleblad Xpan and Holga.

I have recently got into long exposure photography, using a 10-stop filter from B+W and the Lee Big Stopper. This has the affect of reducing light into the camera by a factor of 1000, so 1-2 minute exposures are possible in broad daylight. I have dedicated a website to this technique. See for a selection of images.

You can select pictures from the galleries menu. Photographs are also available to purchase.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Mark Crocker

New York TaxisWhat do you do when your fancy and expensive DSLR breaks on a trip to New York? A chance article in the New York Times revealed a great app for the iPhone - Hipstamatic. Once downloaded, I was all set. With the look and feel of toy cameras of yesteryear, Hipstamatic gives a different perspective on your photography. Digital has never felt so analog!

For more Hipstamatic pictures, visit the Hipstamatic page on this site. - extreme exposure photography by mark crocker